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     Mix a handful of creativity, splash of originality, dash of swag, sprinkle of harmony, shake, then heat, what do you have –

Philly Kidz! Home of hip hop for teens, tweens, and the future generation.


     Philly Kidz - The voices of thee future generation has arrived and delivered a masterpiece hip hop has album! Philly Kidz represent the new school era of music and have released the smash hit full length album "I Just Wanna Play". This album isn't just a Kidz Bop compilation of children singing pop songs meant for adults. These Philly Kidz perform new cutting edge non-cover songs that kids of all ages love and enjoy. Ariel, Amin, Lyric, and Bryce make up the group and are teens, tweens, and everything in between.


     All songs recorded on the album I Just Wanna Play are original, clean, radio ready, and CD quality. Tracks like Come Dance With Me with its club / house vibe and I'm The Greatest with its Wu-Tang meets Baltimore club are perfect for youth hip hop dance routines and Bring It On style dance offs.


     Ariel vs Amin Rap Battle sets the tone of the album with a track perfect for earbuds or your home / car speaker system. Ariel vs Amin is a creative lyrical three round bout highlighting and showing off their unique skills. These two Philly Kidz go verse for verse and bar for bar in authentic boy vs girl hip hop style.


     I'm From (Philly) have some of the most clever lyrics and an infectious chorus that will have you singing along before the song is over. Ariel, Lyric, and Amin collaborate together to bring you this classic hip hop anthem. The Philly Kidz official music video for I'm From was shot and filmed in a supposedly haunted and abandoned warehouse in Philadelphia. No ghost were harmed during the filming of this video. See the video for I'm From here!


     Dreamer is one of the most powerful and thought provoking hip hop duets featuring Lyric and Ariel. Listen to them share vivid visions of their destiny in a future tense. The drums and synth sounds scream at you over this fast paced head bobbing body moving track that pulls you in from the very begining. Dreamer picks up where I Know I Can by Nas left off. With this song Philly Kidz pull you in a time machine and fast forward to the first female president, a teen CEO, and even a cure for AIDS. The mind of a Philly Kid is always soaring to new heights.


     If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Matter fact, Haters Keep Moving! That's the message Lyric and Ariel drive home as they team up on this song titled Haters Keep Moving. Download and add this song to your favorites on your Ipod. These Philly Kidz pop stars wanna leave you with one final thought after hearing this song, bye bye Haters Keep Moving.


     Lyric stars in a creatively unique tropical vibe song titled I'm A Philly Kid.  The third verse of the song features a surprise guest appearance by the 11 year old lyrical phenom Ariel. I'm A Philly Kid contains numerous hip hop quotable lines like "I'm fly like a G6, you're as fly as a zipper is. Passport stamped up world tour, you been as far as the Jersey shore. Yall still think the worlds flat get up get out do something explore the map".....


     Have you ever wondered who's the greatest, like Ali, Cashus Clay, from the rumble in the jungle as they chanted Boom Bye Ye Boom Bye Ye? Philly Kidz group member Amin answers this burning question in his solo tribute to the fallen champ by painting a graphic illustration of the world through his eyes in melodies and words. Amin used this song as motivation for himself as he trained for boxing and his other athletic activities to get him going and off the couch.


     New Kids On The Block is a hybrid mix of electro / techno / and hip hop all fused together with performances by Ariel and Amin of the Philly Kidz. This busy track gets you so wired up you want to rock out and jump out of your skin just to watch you soul dance in front of you. Amin's hook throughout the song is perfect to sing along to and just the right compliment to Ariel's melodic chorus that ties the whole song together.


     Ariel delivers a heartfelt performance worthy of a standing ovation and encore on the song "I'll Be Right Here". Ariel's tender emotions are brought to the surface as she sheds light on her spirituality, feelings of lonliness, views on street life, and dealing with peer pressure. I'll Be Right Here also features a surprise Philly Kidz performance on the chorus.


     Have you ever heard a 1 year old baby sing? No. How about rap? Even less likely. Baby Bryce does a little of everything as he records his first song and stars in his first feature length music video. Bryce is a cute loveable baby and youngest ever member of Philly Kidz. His playful song You Can Call Me Baby Bryce replaces adults who make songs for babies with a baby making songs for babies. Toddlers, infants, kids, and even adults respond extremely well to Bryce's innovative songs. Get a kick out of watching him dance, crawl, and do what he does in his music videos.


     I Just Wanna Play is the song that sums up the upbeat mood of the album and is the underlying motivation of the Philly Kidz to keep moving forward. Ariel delivers a solo performance on this guitar driven track as she explains what play time means to her and what usually gets in between her and precious play time. Work can get boring sometimes and since we're all kids at heart we definately need to make time to play. We should all sing along with Ariel to the rockstar tune of I Just Wanna Play.


      Philly Kidz is an energetic youth movement gaining more and more momentum as they go forward. This group of talented young musicians are teens and tweens who want to give you the best they have to offer. The newly released full length album by the Philly Kidz, I Just Wanna Play  is fully loaded start to finish with professional production and a classic hip hop vibe to it. These down to earth kids from Philadelphia just wanna play, have fun, and get ahead.  Get the CD or download some digital MP3 songs here.