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Epic Baby Fail
Flying Bryce
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      Say Hi to the youngest in charge! Baby Bryce is under two years and under two feet but stands tall among his peers. This singer / songwriter prodigy gets more done by his noon nap than most adults do all day.


      Bryce is done with grown-ups singing cutesy songs and making funny faces to entertain him. Baby Bryce strapped on his onesie, polished off his pacifier, and took it upon himself to make music for babies and toddlers since no one else can understand their language. On adorable songs like “You Can Call Me Baby Bryce”, he shows off his mastery of one word phrases. How does he do that? See the video for You Can Call Me Baby Bryce here.

      Bryce’s affection for food and love of sleep won't keep him out of the studio or off video sets for long. This tough little toddler plays by his own rules. He is bold enough to rip up the script in front of the director and attempt to eat it. Baby Bryce doesn't need a script, improv is the only way he knows how to work.


      This lean mean crying machine is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Baby Bryce has that blind ambition to crawl over any pillow or makeshift barricade placed in his path. You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him. Bryce is equipped with super senses giving him the ability to smell food cooking from a room away. Behind that cute, lovable, adorable smile is a superhero esque 100 decibel cry that will abruptly wake any adult sleeping peacefully at 3:00 am. When you turn your back he climbs up and down carpeted flights of stairs with the greatest of ease.


      Baby Bryce is a twenty inch - twenty pounder with by far one of the strongest kung-fu like grips ever seen. Bryce is completely honest in his verbal outbursts and generously pours his unadulterated energy and enthusiasm into his surprisingly good music. Studio engineers earn their money when Bryce is in the building since he has a tendancy to press every button within his reach. You're one click away from music and songs recorded by Baby Bryce.